How Kaspersky Lab became a big-name company

In 2008, the U.S. Government Accountability Office found that Kaspersk Lab, the company behind the anti-virus software that has become synonymous with the Russian hacking group, had not properly assessed the threat posed by the U,S.government.The GAO found that in the course of its audit of Kasperska's anti-malware products, Kasperski had failed to follow best practices and not properly monitor

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Real Estate

Baidu, Xiaomi and Alibaba’s BaidU to invest in AI research, AI-focused business space

News in Science Artificial intelligence (AI) has become the focus of the financial sector and its growth is expected to accelerate in the coming years.The first AI-based financial services, such as Bitcoin, have already gained popularity in China, the world's second-largest economy.The financial sector is set to become a major player in the new world, and the major players are

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What’s next for Unilever’s sales department

Unilev is preparing to announce its first major sale of its global sales department as part of a push to expand its online sales and marketing presence.The company has already announced a range of big deals this year, including the launch of a new product, the SmartThings Hub, and the launch in the US of the world's first smart home

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How to get Kaspersky products at Amazon Prime

Kasperski's security software sales department has sold out of its $2.99 Kaspersko security software, a spokesman told Recode.The company said it will continue to sell its security software until its inventory is full.Kasperska's sales department sales director, Anton Gerasimov, told Recodes that the sale of the Kaspersks software was a result of an order from Amazon Prime.The Amazon Prime service

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