The New Yorker has published a story on the “shying away” of sales team members from sales departments, as it relates to the sale of Garmin products.

According to the story, sales reps have been told to avoid talking to their sales team, and to “make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

The story quotes one sales executive who said he was told to “stay away from sales people” for fear of being “shamed” by their salespeople.

One sales manager was told that it was “a bad idea to talk to your sales people.

It’s going to hurt them and it’s going’t help the sales process.”

In a statement to Vice News, Garmin said that it does not condone sales reps using their position to intimidate other salespeople, but that they are “always available to assist anyone in need of assistance with their sales strategy.”

Garmin’s VP of marketing, Jason Hines, confirmed to Vice that the company has not taken any action to “clarify” its policy.

Garmin has been in the spotlight lately after it was revealed that it had violated the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) anti-fraud policy.

Last year, the company faced scrutiny when it was discovered to have used a false sales pitch to convince customers that its new Garmin Edge 520 was a better option than competing devices.

Garmin initially denied that it misled consumers, but admitted to its “significant” breach of the FTC’s rules in a settlement with the agency.

The FTC’s investigation of Garmin led to the creation of a federal investigation into the company’s sales tactics, and the company received a $1.9 billion fine from the government.

The story also says that Garmin’s sales reps are not the only ones struggling with sales, with the company also facing “unprecedented pressure” from competitors.

Garmin’s CEO says that the “surprise” was that the FTC found it “troubling” that the sales team used sales tactics in order to convince people to buy the Garmin Edge.

The company has already announced a new partnership with the American Express network to bring the Edge 520 to consumers.

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