I had a great time at Disney World last year and would recommend it to any hotelier who is considering booking a stay in Orlando or Miami.

It’s no secret that Orlando has been one of the most popular vacation spots in the country and I’m glad I was able to book a trip there.

But, for those of you who have yet to book your Orlando hotel reservation, you might want to know what the rules are.

And if you have a vacation planning checklist and want to check it off, here are some tips to make your Disney vacation experience even more enjoyable.


Make your Disney reservation early If you want to maximize your Disney hotel stay, it’s a good idea to make an Orlando hotel booking before your flight arrives.

That way, you can make your reservations during peak travel times and get the most value for your money.

This is especially important if you’re going to Disney Springs or Disney World during the Disney Cruise Line cruise, which are both scheduled to arrive in Orlando on January 7.

If you are coming to Orlando from the other side of the country or if you need a little extra time, make an early Orlando hotel stay and book your trip before it arrives.


Book an Orlando resort reservation at least 24 hours before your cruise Once you make your Orlando vacation reservation, it is crucial to make it in-person or by phone.

Make sure you book an Orlando reservation as early as possible, so you can be on the scene of any major issues that might arise during your Disney trip.

For example, a hotel fire or medical issue might prevent you from attending a special event.

Also, be sure to make reservations on the day of your cruise, even if it’s only for a short time.


Book your Disney cruise online Once you have made your Orlando booking, it will be available to book online from your Disney ticketing agent, hotel or resort.

This allows you to get an up-to-the-minute list of hotel rooms available and is especially useful if you are planning on traveling on a cruise with a limited number of rooms available.

This may also make it easier to book rooms with other people who are also going on the same cruise.

Make the most of online booking options by checking availability on hotel rooms at a resort or hotel reservation desk and making sure that all of your hotel room assignments are booked and ready to go. 4.

Avoid the ‘book-before-you-go’ rule If you’re coming from another state or region, it can be tough to make a hotel booking.

To avoid this, it pays to book ahead.

You should also make sure that your hotel reservation includes an overnight check-in fee, as this is usually included in the Disney Resort Booking fee.

If this is not included, make sure to add a check-out fee for the Disney Hotel when you book your cruise.

If your hotel is available on the reservation desk or on a reservation site, the hotel should be listed as available for booking.

You can also choose to book the hotel at a hotel room desk.

This way, if there are any major delays to your Orlando stay, you don’t have to wait until you arrive at the hotel.


Book a Disney Cruise with a pre-selected hotel Once you’ve made your Disney booking, you’ll want to make arrangements with your hotel to book on a Disney cruise.

Before you book a Disney trip, make a reservation online to book hotels for your Disney resort or cruise.

In addition to booking online, make your booking at a preselected hotel.

You will need to make additional reservations for your cruise in advance of your Disney Disney trip so that you are not overbooked.

To make your reservation, make the following arrangements: Select the hotel that you would like to book with.

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