In an effort to streamline its sales department, Fortinet is launching a service called SalesOps, which it says will allow for the sharing of data about how much customers spend on its products.

The company will offer the service to a handful of customers, who will be able to see how much their purchases have impacted the company’s sales performance.

“It will allow us to better understand the customer and product experiences we have in store and, hopefully, deliver better experiences for our customers,” said Scott Atherton, vice president of marketing for sales at Fortinet.

“There are a lot of customers who are struggling to get the products they are looking for, and we want to make sure we’re providing them with the best product and service possible.”

The service will be available in both the United States and Canada.

The US version will be offered in Fortinet’s online store, while Canada is currently in the process of rolling out the service.

The Fortinet Canada website is still being designed, but the company expects to have the service in place by the end of the year.

Fortinet says the service will enable customers to quickly find the best products for their needs, and that it will be a good place to find products that aren’t currently on the market.

The service will also provide customers with a quick way to share their reviews with customers, which will then be shared with other customers.

“There are so many products out there that aren’s not even on the shelves anymore, so we want people to know about them and that they are part of the Fortinet family,” said Athertons vice president, marketing.

“We know that the more people we reach out to, the more product recommendations they will get, so the more feedback we get, the better.”

As Fortinet expands its sales capabilities and customers begin to embrace its products, the company will continue to improve its software and add more features to the platform.

The Fortinet team hopes the sales department service will help its customers find the products that are best suited for their own specific needs, as well as provide them with feedback on the product and how it works.

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