The most common answer to this question, however, is that the officer is more likely to be the target of a violent crime than the car.

This is largely because, as police and crime experts have long argued, officers are much less likely to have access to weapons than cars.

It is also the case that police officers are often the ones who have the time and the tools to protect themselves against the most dangerous criminals, and they have much less experience in using such tools.

In a study carried out by the Irish Institute of Criminology, for instance, only 3 per cent of officers surveyed had used a weapon in a serious incident since 2009.

The study found that of those who had used an instrument, only 28 per cent had been injured.

That was the lowest rate among all police, and it is not surprising, given the difficulty in using a weapon when faced with an aggressive and potentially deadly criminal.

The problem of gun ownership is compounded by the fact that the gun laws in many countries, such as Australia and the US, require people to have a licence to carry a weapon.

In Ireland, there are no gun-ownership restrictions in place, so anyone with a valid gun licence can buy a gun.

However, it is illegal to sell or give a gun to anyone who has not had a licence for two years.

In other words, a firearm can be bought and possessed in Ireland without a licence.

While the legislation that governs the ownership of firearms in Ireland is somewhat lenient compared with the UK, it still places strict restrictions on the use of firearms.

The police and the courts, which must prove the person who has acquired the firearm was acting in the public interest, must also prove that the person was acting unlawfully or was using the weapon in such a way as to endanger others.

This means that if someone is found with a firearm in Ireland, it must be registered and registered immediately.

In addition, a firearms licence must be valid for two decades.

There are many reasons why a person might need a licence, but in most cases it would only be necessary to acquire one after completing an extensive background check.

That is why there is a requirement to register firearms in every jurisdiction, including Ireland.

As with other firearms laws, the requirements vary greatly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

For example, in Australia, the requirement to purchase a licence is different to the requirement in the US and the UK.

In both jurisdictions, the licence can be acquired in person at the police station.

In the US however, it may be difficult to obtain a licence from a gun dealer.

It also varies from jurisdiction, and may be required to pay a small fee.

If you are considering getting a gun, it can be difficult or impossible to find a licensed dealer who is willing to take your order.

You can also be required by law to complete a “bureau of firearms licensing” form and to pay €300 to a gun licence authority in the state you live in.

The cost of registering a firearm is then passed on to the purchaser, who will need to pay taxes and fees.

Some jurisdictions require the buyer to provide a photo ID and a letter from a firearms dealer who confirms that the firearm is registered to him or her.

The price of a firearm licence in Ireland generally runs between €50 and €100, depending on the licence.

The number of firearms registered varies widely from jurisdiction and varies between the state in which it is issued and the county in which the license is issued.

This varies from state to state, but the fee varies between €15 and €35.

In many states, such fees do not apply to handguns and shotguns, and are usually covered by a tax rebate, but this is not the case in other states.

A few jurisdictions, such for example the UK and Australia, also impose a gun tax on firearms, with a further tax on ammunition, which is not included in the licensing fees.

As a result, a person with a handgun licence in a jurisdiction that has not implemented the licensing requirements for handguns would not have a gun in that jurisdiction.

In some states, a gun registration card is required in order to purchase ammunition.

However in others, ammunition can be purchased without a registration card.

In order to obtain an ammunition permit, an applicant must pass a physical examination and pass a background check, and then present a photo identification.

It may be a letter or an electronic photo of the applicant.

It will also be compulsory for the person to take a drug test.

As an aside, in many jurisdictions, it has been reported that some people may be charged for failing to pass a drug tests, despite having no history of drug use.

In fact, the Irish government has estimated that around one in three people in Ireland will have some form of criminal record at some point in their lives.

While a background checks process may be lengthy, it does not require a person to have any criminal record in order for a firearm to be registered.

Some of the

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