A major sale season for department stores is upon us, with sales of clothing, jewelry and home furnishings starting on Monday.

Sales of department store merchandise can vary widely depending on the brand, but the biggest trends this year will be in department stores selling clothes and accessories.

There are many reasons why department stores are seeing a surge in sales this season, but one of the biggest is a new wave of customers who have been buying clothing and accessories online and at specialty stores.

As the year winds down, the trend is for shoppers to buy online and then return them to the department store, said Amy Bickman, a professor of consumer research at the University of Missouri.

It is an impulse purchase that has been popular for years in the United States, but it is becoming more and more popular as shoppers go online to find products and services.

While online shopping is becoming a major trend, it is also happening in stores that cater to a broader range of customers, such as department stores and thrift stores.

This trend is more visible in smaller stores where inventory is less valuable, and in the home improvement, clothing and home decor retail businesses, said Bickmin.

“There is definitely a lot of growth in the retail space, especially for apparel and home goods,” said Bicksman.

She said that many department stores will be adding specialty stores as well, adding that they are doing this to boost their sales.

For example, Wal-Mart is adding a specialty department store called Zara and a specialty store for furniture in its stores.

Bickman said that when it comes to clothing, the demand for the trend seems to be growing.

The retailer has been adding more and better clothing at the store level for years, but this year it will be offering its most expensive line of clothing to the public.

It is important to note that department stores do not have the luxury of being able to make money on every sale.

Many departments are just looking for the best deals, said Darlene Zirkin, the executive director of the retail research firm Retail Industry Analysts.

They are also making the best decisions they can to try to keep up with their customers, she said.

The retail research group also predicts that department store sales will continue to fall this year, though it expects that trend to slow slightly.

The trend in department store purchases will be even more pronounced in the spring, when more retailers are trying to build back their stores.

However, it’s a trend that could be replicated for department store inventory, said Lidia R. Gomes, a retail analyst at the research firm The Retail Industry Association.

She expects department stores to continue to see sales growth as they continue to increase their online sales and offer more promotions.

While department stores have a long history of providing quality products, they can be hard to sell online.

So department stores often have to look to brick-and-mortar stores to sell their products, which is where online sales are coming from.

“We do think department stores may be on the way to the future of the apparel industry,” said Gomes.

That means the retail industry is seeing a strong rise in online sales, but also that there are a lot more retail sales coming from online shopping.

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