A black man is often called upon to call 911 because of his position in the business world.

The problem is, the only way to actually reach that person is to get through a 911 operator who’s deaf and/or partially deaf.

Black men make up just under 12% of the U.S. population, according to the Census Bureau.

That’s a lot of potential customers who don’t get the attention they deserve. 

As part of an ongoing effort to help black Americans reach emergency dispatchers, the Center for Community Change, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building communities of color, has created an app called Ring.

Ring aims to give emergency callers a way to reach people they may have never known they needed to reach.

“It is important to be a little more aware of the fact that not everyone has a smartphone,” said David Durbin, CEO of the Center. 

Ring is free and it works by sending the caller a text message and a call number. 

“The app does not require the caller to be able to communicate with the 911 operator in order to make the call,” Durbine told CNN. 

If you have a smartphone, you can use Ring. 

A call can be placed to a person who has a disability or is at risk of being homeless.

The person is also asked to write down a brief description of the person they are trying to reach and then Ring sends a text to that person. 

There are three ways you can reach the person.

If you want to reach someone who lives alone, you will have to enter the address in your phone’s address bar.

The next time you call someone, they’ll receive a text from Ring and the person will have a phone number they can dial.

If your location is out of the way, you’ll have to send a text with the phone number you’re trying to contact to ring.

Ring is available in the U, UK, and Canada.

The app is available on iOS and Android.

The company is still in the early stages of development, but Durbiner said that it’s in the works for the U and that the service will eventually roll out to other countries. 

According to a report by the Pew Research Center, just 19% of black Americans are able to access emergency services because of their race. 

Durbin said Ring is designed to empower callers. 

“[Ring] can allow a caller to feel more confident in reaching a person of color that they may not have been able to before,” Dampin said. 

The Center for Networking, Education and Engagement, an organization that works to expand access to education, also worked with Ring on the app. 

Tanya Davis, CEO and co-founder of the organization, told CNN that there are many ways to reach black people. 

When she was working in finance, Davis said that when she needed to get information about a company, she called 911.

“I always told people that I was not a trained emergency dispatcher and I was just a good sounding board,” Davis said.

“We always did that.” 

In the meantime, the app works for people who are deaf or partially deaf and have a disability. 

But there are some things to consider. 

You can still reach a deaf person who is calling with a text.

But you may need to have an interpreter. 

Davis said that the app will only be available for people with disabilities who have access to a smartphone. 

Another important thing to remember is that if you are not able to dial 911, the dispatcher can still call you. 

To contact the person, just type in the phone numbers in the app and ring the person on your behalf. 

Some people say the app is more of a community service than a free service, but Davis says that it has already helped people.

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