Unilev is preparing to announce its first major sale of its global sales department as part of a push to expand its online sales and marketing presence.

The company has already announced a range of big deals this year, including the launch of a new product, the SmartThings Hub, and the launch in the US of the world’s first smart home hub, the Philips Hue smart home lighting.

“The future is very bright for Unipharm in terms of how we work with our partners to grow our business,” said Tom Wohlforth, CEO of Unilevers sales department.

Unileves is also working with major global brands including Ikea, Levi’s, and Zara, as well as local brands such as Kmart, The Good Life, and a range, Unilevo, of home appliances and accessories.

Uniphars sales department will have more than 1,200 sales agents around the world, according to Unilevs CEO Tom Wuhlforth.

“In 2018 we’re going to have a new set of opportunities in the UK and we’ve got a whole new set in the States,” Mr Wohforth told the BBC.

“We’ve got some of the biggest brands on the planet, like Ikea.

Mr Wuhforth also highlighted the new Unilevel sales team, which he said was “one of the most exciting parts of the company”. “

So we’re looking at new opportunities to work with them in the future.”

Mr Wuhforth also highlighted the new Unilevel sales team, which he said was “one of the most exciting parts of the company”.

“We’re now working with people from all over the world,” he said.

“They’re getting the best value from our products and we’re working with the biggest names in the industry.”

Mr Ward added: “We have a lot of great people who have been with us for many years, they’re working on some of their biggest projects and they’ve built some of those relationships over time.”

Unileve will make the announcement in a press conference at the London offices of the New York office of UniLabs, the firm’s marketing, sales and technology unit.

The New York Times said Unilevy would announce its fourth-quarter results on Thursday.

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