The Federal Express has been experiencing issues with its FedEx Express service in the past couple of weeks.

The company is working to resolve the issue and it is expected to be available for delivery sometime this week.

However, there is a chance that some deliveries may not be able to be delivered in the near future.

Fedex says that it is investigating the issue.

The problem is with a portion of the system that handles the delivery of FedEx Express shipments.

FedEx says that there is no evidence to indicate that this issue is related to any other software or firmware.

FedEX is still investigating the problem and they have a few ways they can fix it.

If you receive a FedEx Express, FedEx is asking that you check your package and verify that it contains the correct shipping address.

You can check this at the FedEx website.

If you received an item, FedEx says that you can contact your local FedEx office for assistance.

FedXpress, the company that manages the FedEx Express delivery system, says that they are aware of the issue, and that they will work to fix it as soon as possible.

FedExpress says that this is not related to their own software or its operating system.

They say that they do not have a definitive timeline for the resolution of this issue.

Fed Express says that their team is working around the clock to address this issue and that there will be no delays.

FedPacket, the parent company of FedEx, says on their website that they have also identified the issue in their network and are working with FedEx to address it.

Fedixpress says that FedEx has been working to address the issue but it is not yet clear when deliveries will be able get through.

FedEyes, the online grocery delivery app, says it is working on fixing the issue for some customers.

Fedys online grocery app is working as usual with the delivery system but it says that delivery delays may be possible as of tomorrow.

Fedepacket says that the service is back up and running, and it’s working to fix this issue as soon and as safely as possible, but that it will not have delivery delays.

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