News in Science Artificial intelligence (AI) has become the focus of the financial sector and its growth is expected to accelerate in the coming years.

The first AI-based financial services, such as Bitcoin, have already gained popularity in China, the world’s second-largest economy.

The financial sector is set to become a major player in the new world, and the major players are Alibaba, BaidUs and Google.

A new AI-related business has emerged in China in recent months.

BaidUs, one of the largest Chinese online payment service providers, has partnered with Xiaomi, one the leading smartphone makers in the world, to research and develop new ways to integrate AI into the business.

BaiShi, an AI researcher at Baidus, told CoinDesk that the company has already invested in AI to enhance the BaidUS’ AI platform and become a more relevant part of the industry.

BaoYu, a senior fellow at the Center for International Governance Innovation at Peking University, said Baid u’s AI research will focus on “AI in the business environment, from data-driven decision-making to artificial intelligence analytics, and will help the company to grow the business”.

Baidu has already shown interest in AI, but its investments in AI companies are not yet clear.

Xiaomi, for example, is looking into AI-powered robots, but no firm plans to deploy AI technology to its own mobile phones.

“The AI research on Baidux will be focused on developing and applying AI in the financial market and is not focused on any specific AI application,” a Baidui spokesperson told CoinMarketCap.

Bazhu, another Chinese online payments company, is also working on AI, and it’s likely the company will also partner with Xiaomi.

Baxiang, another online payments startup, is collaborating with Baiduu, and this could help the two companies reach a common goal of integrating AI into its services.

Xiaomi and Baidues are also developing AI-enabled products, such that they can be integrated with existing software, and can also offer AI-inspired products.AI technology could also be integrated into Baiduz.

Bizmian, a new AI startup from Baidue, has a unique idea of combining AI with the traditional banking business model, with a view to offering services for businesses and individuals.

Bismi, a Bizmius new AI company, aims to create AI-driven tools for financial institutions.

Billionaire investor Peter Thiel has also invested in Baiduer and Bizmu.

Binance, a digital payments company from Bizu, is using AI to manage a wealth management platform for the unbanked.

Bui, an innovative Baidutian startup, aims at creating an AI-assisted investment platform.

Baidumio, a startup in Bizuz, aims for AI-enhanced financial advice.

The biggest AI-centric companies are also investing in AI and its applications.

Bilal, a technology incubator, is planning to open AI-friendly office space in Beijing, where its founders are planning to develop AI-oriented business opportunities, and plans to open an AI lab in Beijing to explore the possibility of developing AI into a mainstream technology.

Binhua, a China-based AI- and robotics startup, has announced it will invest in China to develop the AI technology for the Chinese internet.

Borat, a global AI company that focuses on Chinese and Russian technology, has also announced plans to invest $150 million into AI research and development.

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