Verizon is looking to make its international sales more visible and easier to navigate, the company’s sales department said Wednesday.

It’s not just the company is looking at how to increase sales in foreign markets but how to promote those sales in different ways.

We’re looking at ways to better engage with our international customers in terms of how they can learn about our products and services, and we’re also looking at the best ways to bring them back to our own markets, the sales department’s director of international sales, Paul Fischbach, said.

The company is also looking to better target its international customers and the more the company can do to reach them, the more likely it is to grow its international business, he said.

“So, if we can better educate them on the differences between Verizon and other carriers, we can grow our international sales and make sure we get those international customers back,” Fischbach said.

The company has not released any data about how it plans to make the international sales experience better, but the sales team is planning to introduce a new website in 2018 that will offer customers a way to easily find and shop for their phones in different languages.

The Verizon website will have a section that will be similar to that on the Verizon International website, which includes information about phone and SIM cards, network features, phone pricing and more.

Fischbach said that as the company continues to grow, it will look to “do even more with the sales experience in foreign territories.”

We need to make sure our sales team can be more visible in the world, so we’re looking into the best way to make that happen,” he said, adding that the sales teams are “actively working on ways to help increase the number of foreign customers who come in for our service.

“Verizon and other mobile carriers have been struggling with a spike in the number and cost of international calls.

More than 50% of international phone calls in the U.S. were made from overseas by the end of 2018, according to the International Telecommunication Union, a trade group.

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