The cost of cellphone services is the biggest source of revenue for many U.S. companies, according to research by the consulting firm Gartner.

And Amazon is no exception.

The Internet giant has more than $9 billion in annual revenue, or about 10 percent of the total U.N. revenues.

Amazon also has a big footprint in mobile commerce.

It offers its own mobile app, Amazon Go, and it’s the largest mobile carrier in the world, according the company.

The Internet giant is not the only one.

Google has a presence in the U.K. and other countries.

AT&T and Verizon are in the same boat.

Some of the big players are also big spenders.

Amazon has made the big money from advertising.

Its ad sales account for about 30 percent of its total revenue, according Gartners research.

Amazon sells ads on its own site and through third-party advertisers.

The company also sells ads through third parties.

Amazon says that it makes about $3.2 billion a year from selling ads on the site, including about $1.5 billion a day in online advertising.

Amazon’s ad revenue was up about 2 percent in the fourth quarter of 2016.

Gartner says that Amazon’s ad sales were up more than 10 percent in its fourth quarter, from $5.6 billion to $6.2 in the third quarter.

The company also charges an average of $8.5 for each sale on its website.

That compares with about $7 for the average salesperson.

The cost to Amazon is about $5 per sale, or $1 per sale.

The Gartgers research also found that Amazon offers several other promotions that drive revenue.

For instance, it offers free shipping on orders over $99, free shipping to customers who sign up for a $50 Amazon Prime subscription, free two-day shipping on most orders, and discounts on its books, toys, and electronics.

It also offers discounts on items from and, Amazon’s online stores.

Gartenner says it’s possible to find a better deal than Amazon, especially with discounts on e-books, video games, and other items, but the company’s business model is a bit more complicated.

The average price of a cellphone, for instance, is about twice as high as the average price for an iPhone, according a report by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech.

A new study by Gartens research found that people spend about $2,300 more on a cellphone than on an iPhone.

The report by Garts Research found that more than 20 percent of U.T. students said that their smartphones were “not as useful” compared with a year ago.

The research also said that most students say that their phones were “more useful than a laptop” and that they’d rather spend more money on a laptop.

Google, for example, has been aggressively promoting its Android mobile operating system on its smartphones and tablets.

In September, Google launched the Google Home speaker, a speaker system that uses the Google Assistant, to make voice control for its phones more convenient.

Google has been expanding its mobile presence, including in India and other parts of the developing world.

In November, Google announced it would be investing $1 billion in a data center in India that will house the next generation of its cloud services.

Google is also investing more than another $2 billion in new data centers in Brazil and China.

Google’s Android devices have become the dominant operating system for smartphone users in the United States.

According to the company, the Android platform has more apps than Apple’s iOS platform.

The Google Home, the first device with Google Assistant on it, was launched in September 2016.

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