When the White House’s anti-Trump anti-Semitism problem was finally identified in April, Trump supporters were quick to blame it on his Jewish critics.

But that blaming was ultimately inaccurate.

The Trump administration, and the media in general, are a toxic and dangerous bunch.

They are the source of so much anti-Semitic and hate speech that, by and large, the rest of the world doesn’t even notice.

They have long been a part of our politics.

But we can’t allow them to become our default position in America anymore.

What we need is a new kind of politics that isn’t a form of religion, but a new form of politics based on love, equality, and justice.

We need a new politics that is built on love and respect.

Trump’s supporters need to realize that.

And they should stop blaming Jewish critics and start talking about real problems facing the country and the world.

In this article, I explore the new politics of love and justice that is the antidote to anti-Jewish bigotry, and explain how it can bring together all the communities of color, the poor, the vulnerable, and all those who have long struggled to make the world a better place.

By Ryan McCall, author of “The New Politics of Love and Justice: How the Jews Can Save America,” and editor-in-chief of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCPCCC), a nonprofit political action committee focused on social justice issues.

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