Which team will be promoted to Serie A this season?

Bologna's victory at Fiorentina on Tuesday means Bolognese are now in a position to qualify for the Champions League and the Coppa Italia.The Rossoneri's current campaign is the longest since they were promoted to the top flight in 2009, and their last Champions League appearance came in 1999 when they lost to Juventus.Bologna have scored a staggering nine goals in

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How to tell if you’re a sales person

Salesforce is a very successful platform for developers and their teams.And with over 500 million users, it is a force to be reckoned with.And yet, in the last few years, there has been a growing sense that many sales reps have been being left behind.What's going on?We spoke to some sales reps about how to get started, what to look

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How to buy a house in India

How to get a house?In India, it is not easy to get started with a real estate career.For most, the first step is to get the green card (green card holder).Then, the government takes care of the rest.The next step is acquiring a home and buying a house is the next step in the process.The process takes up to eight

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Real Estate

How to buy a BlueHost subscription from BlueHost – 7 Things You Need to Know

How to subscribe to BlueHost?1.Check the BlueHost webstore, where you will find more information on buying a subscription.2.Click on the subscription link to find out more information about BlueHost.3.Follow the on-screen instructions to pay your subscription and then click "subscribe".4.After you have subscribed to Bluehost, you will receive an email from the Bluehost customer service department informing you that you

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When Netgear sales drop, Google has to respond

Business Insider/Sue Chen Google has a lot riding on its new Chromebooks, and it's hoping the Chromebooks' rapid sales will boost its brand's sales in the months ahead.But with its sales falling for the third straight month, the Google search giant is already in hot water with customers and regulators over the Chromebook's sale and sale of stolen goods.The latest

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